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Room Spray - Lime and Pear

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    Breathe deep and experience the calming blend of essential oils diffused to relieve stress and anxiety. The first heady cloud carries the sweetness of pear and the freshness of lime. Then nectarine blossom and white jasmine emerge from the depths of nutmeg and wrap you a gentle floral embrace.


    • Lime is a refreshing antiseptic and can help counter fatigue, apathy and depression.
    • White Jasmine is an aphrodisiac that improves mood and relaxation.
    • Nutmeg invigorates, awakens and warms.

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    The product consists of 100% bio-alcohol, essential oils of pear, lime, nectarine blossom, white jasmine and nutmeg. Only natural colours are used. All fragrances are certified by the International Fragrance Association and are not toxic for humans (IFRA). Glass packaging can be recycled. Spray pumps are made of recycled aluminium.

    Spray lightly into the air or onto potpourri and fragrance sachets.

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