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K-beauty Set (Twinkle Coral)

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    K-beauty Set Twinkle Coral helps you achieve that sought after Korean makeup look with orange hues. It focuses on caring for your skin and creating a naturally beautiful appearance at the same time.

    This set contains:

    • Laneige BB Cushion: This long-lasting cream ensures instant skin brightening. It also moisturises and defends your skin from sun damage. It contains a special puff that holds nine times more water than its weight, leaving your skin supple and glossy. This BB cream comes in a natural beige shade and is ideal for creating a chic medium skin tone.
    • Serum Intense Lipstick: This lipstick comes in a soft orange shade that reveals a playful pout. Achieve beautiful, moisturised lips with this feel-good product.
    • Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof: Cleanse away your makeup with this oil-free remover. It contains organic Aloe Vera and Chamomile, soothing your skin from breakouts. This product is ideal for sensitive eye and lip areas.
    • Multi Cleanser: Skip the steps with this cleanser, which performs makeup and sunscreen removal, exfoliation and cleansing all at once. 


    • Helps to achieve flawless complexion 
    • Moisturises lips well
    • Removes makeup effectively
    • Allows for gentle cleansing

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    Laneige BB Cushion:

    • Before applying Laneige BB Cushion, ensure the skin is well-cleansed and moisturised.
    • Squeeze a small amount of BB Cream onto fingers.
    • Dab the cream on your face using with gentle moves.
    • Working in small circles or upward motions, start blending from the nose towards the cheek, chin and forehead.

    Serum Intense Lipstick:

    • Before applying Serum Intense Lipstick, prepare lips by ensuring they are clean, and made smooth by a balm.
    • For a perfect lip shape, you may outline your lips with a liner similar to your lip colour.
    • Starting at the centre of your upper lip, apply lipstick outwards from one corner and follow to the other corner. Repeat the process on the lower lip.
    • Blot lips by pursing them together over a folded facial tissue. For the colour to last even longer, dust powder over your lips before blotting.

    Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof:

    • Before cleansing, make sure the hands are clean.
    • Pour an appropriate amount of Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof onto a cotton pad.
    • Massage dampened cotton pad over the skin, steering clear of eye area.
    • Repeat the process until your skin feels refreshed. 
    • When removing makeup, hold the cotton pad over your closed eyelid for a few seconds to loosen makeup.
    • Remove the makeup from the upper lid and lashes using gentle, downward strokes.
    • Use a fresh cotton pad once the one you’re using becomes stained.
    • Repeat the process until the cotton pad comes up clean.

    Multi Cleanser:

    • Before cleansing, make sure the hands are clean.
    • Squeeze a small amount of Multi Cleanser onto your palms
    • Apply cleanser to the face using circular motions around all areas - forehead, chin, nose and cheeks.
    • Massage cleanser over the skin, steering clear of eye area. 
    • Rinse the face with warm water. 
    • Use twice daily. 

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ratings & reviews
2 Reviews

LOVE it!

All the products are amazing. The BB cushion is so good I will be buying it many times over. Gives me beautiful flawless, dewy, glowing skin. The makeup remover is surprisingly good. I think it's slightly better then my Clinique one. I will buy a large bottle if it becomes available on Luxola. The lipstick is so different from anything I've used before. Goes on almost liquidy and keeps my lips very hydrated. The color is a perfect pretty nude for me and not as bright as most people claimed. It's not neon or anything, just a very pretty mild coral. It goes on bright and then calms down a few minutes later. The face wash is nice and mattifying. It takes off makeup and dirt and grime and polishes the skin a bit. Good for summer. I'd buy this kit again.

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good set

I really really like the compact though i wished that it came in 1 shade darker. The bb cushion is really good. It covers well and stays well all the way as well, leaving a sheer finish. I think that the lipcolor is abit too bright for me though.

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