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White Plus Renew Eye Cream 15ml


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    White Plus Renew Eye Cream is an effective eye cream created to treat dark eye circles. It pumps ample moisture to your eye area, livening up your tired look instantly. This eye cream is built with a soothing metallic massager tip that provides a cooling after-feel. It also boosts whitening effect, enhancing brightness and radiance of your skin.   


    • Erases dark circles in an effective manner
    • Defends signs of fatigue on the skin
    • Creates a fairer overall complexion

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    • Wash your hands with soap and water before using White Plus Renew Eye Cream.
    • For most effective results, use after White Plus Renew Original Essence.
    • Apply an appropriate amount of White Plus Renew Eye Cream under your eyes and desired whitening eye area. 
    • Spread and blend using the rolling massager tip that comes with the tube.
    • Dab with gentle hands below the eyes, on the outer corners and on the brow bone.
    • Use White Plus Renew Eye Cream twice daily – in the morning and at night.

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ratings & reviews
4 Reviews

smells good but

smells good but don't really see any differences in my eyebags. been using for a month? sometimes only in the morning, sometimes both day and night. it does make my eye feel less puffy and tighter and smoother, but no changes in terms of appearance.  have to squeeze out maybe a drop in order for the metal tip to glide across your skin - if not the metal tip will rub against the skin and it does not feel good. another issue is that the cream tends to dry around the hole that dispels the cream, so the next time you use it there are little crusts around the hole - and then if you have to use your nails/toothpick to remove them, if not when you rub the applicator on your undereyes the crusts will be there like eyedirt. irritating

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Results not visible

Cream is light, absorption is rather good, however, results not visible. The metal application has a cooling sensation, but I'm concern about hygiene. It's harder to squeeze out too. Overall, good for daily moisturizing as it is light, and good for travel, as its slim and compact. 

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Significant improvements

So I've been using this for almost a month now. Once in the morning before I head to work, once at night before I go to bed. I've noticed significant improvements and the dark eye circles are hardly noticeable anymore. Despite the tube and how little volume there seems to be, it can last quite a while since I don't need that much each time I use it. Definitely recommended!

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Lightweight eye cream

This Laneige eye cream is rather lightweight and is absorbed easily into the skin. It's rather pricey though, but I gather that the cream can last for quite long. It is also useful as a makeup base or as a night cream.

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