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Force De Vie Micro Gel 30ml


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    This high-performance moisturiser contains organic plant extracts and Coenzyme Q10 to soothe signs of ageing. Providing weightless moisture, it boosts water levels in oily to dehydrated skin. Use this to exfoliate for a clean, healthy glow. 


    • Clears clogged pores
    • Soothes skin redness and inflammation
    • Reduces greasiness on the skin
    • Ideal for extra-sensitive and post-treated skin 

    Oxygen + Coenzyme Q10 Give Skin A Mega Boost Of Anti Aging Energy By Stimulating Collagen Production, Speeding Fresh Cell Turnover And Detoxification. Advanced Lipid / Ceramide Complex Repairs Barrier Function To Restore Moisture Balance And Reduce Sensitivity. Selected Fractions From Saw Palmetto And Sesame Seeds Expertly Regulate Sebum. Bio Swiss Organic Extracts Produce Strong Anti Inflammatory And Anti Bacterial Action. Hyaluronic Acid And Swiss Mountain Water Moisturize Surface Skin. Natural Salicylic Acid Keeps Skin Free Of Impurities, Smoothes Surface Texture And Restores A Healthy Glow.

    • Use in the morning and at night.
    • Take a small amount of cream onto fingertips.
    • Using circular motions, massage the cream all over cleansed skin.
    • Leave the skin for one to two minutes before applying makeup.

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Customer Reviews
4 reviews

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Excellent Moisturiser for Oily Skin

After having done much research on this brand and finally taking the plunge to try it, I am now a Luzern convert! I have oily, sensitive skin and according to my dermatologist, my skin hydration level falls below the "healthy" range. I had to get a moisturiser that 1) is oil-free and perhaps has some oil control, 2) does not contain chemicals/ingredients that may irritate my skin and 3) does what it's supposed to do - moisturise. This moisturiser does all of the 3 things I need, which is great. The only thing though, is that it's quite pricey for a small bottle, and I have to remind myself to use it sparingly! ><

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Awesome mattifier

Oily skin is the bane of many women's lives in our humid tropical weather. This gel does wonders in keeping shine and grease at bay. It also does wonders in making the skin glow. Since using it, I feel my skin texture and tone have improved considerably, and my make-up also stays on longer, even through a hot and sweaty day.

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good moisturiser

This moisturiser is good and it really works best when used with other luzern products (particularly the serum). On its own, it is not likely to blow your mind. Do try out the serums - they really are some of the very best! The moisturiser works really well used that way. The smell is strange but it fades almost immediately. It sinks into the skin really fast, and does a good job with moisturising without making your skin oily.  There are some anti-aging ingredients in there which is great. I love that it is suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin. I will buy this again!

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Luzern micro gel?

I didn't really notice much effect. Because it's this gel like texture, it washes away easily when your skin touches water (like if you have to blow your nose after, sometimes inevitable). For its price... It's really quite expensive. The scent is nice, may not buy it again but it did keep me nicely moisturized through the night when I was looking for a product that wouldn't leave me feeling too oily. I don't know if the oxygen thing really works!

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