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Instant Brush Cleanser 50ml

2 reviews


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    Perfect for synthetic and natural hair brushes, Travel Instant Brush Cleanser cleans quickly without rinsing and dries on the spot so brushes are ready for immediate reuse. Its unique formula dissolves even the most waterproof and highly pigmented products while refreshing brushes with a mint-oil extract.

    • Generously spray the brush cleanser on a tissue and wipe any product from the brush fibers.
    • Reapply if necessary.
    • Wipe any excess product with a dry tissue.
    • If the brushes are very dirty, pour cleanser into the cap and soak the brushes in it.

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ratings & reviews
2 reviews

Not Recommend

I thought I would love this cleaner, but unfortunately I didnt!!! I liked it within the first week of using it but then the lip broke and the spray wasnt working. The bottle and the make is terriable.

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Sitting on the fence

Not sure weather I like or dislike this product. As per the instrucions, you are to spray it onto a cotton pad and the use the cotton pad to wipe your brushes. I don't find this very effective on cleaing the more dense brushes, and found it very had to remove all the product. On fluffy brushes it was alright. Also is dispenses the product in a lovely mist and looke like a 'higher cost' spray dispenser, but when your aiming for a small cotton pad - most misses it and I felt like I was waisting product. Whats the point in haveing a spray if your not applying to straigh to the brush itself?

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