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Artstix Nail Beads 14g


3 reviews

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    Resembling hundreds and thousands, these tiny textured microbeads are the hottest summer accessory in the boldest fluoro shades. 


    Get creative, mix and match or wear alone to give a 3D nail effect!

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ratings & reviews
3 reviews

Black - Interesting but so hard to use!

I was definitely intrigued by the whole "caviar" nail trend so this was a relatively inexpensive option to try it out. The concept is definitely more difficult to carry out than I imagined! The beads are seriously tiny little things, and if you drop them it is utter chaos because they're so light that they'll bounce around everywhere. Definitely put your finger in a bowl or something to catch the beads as you pour them on. It looks better if you have long nails, that's for sure, so I don't think my stubby nails can pull this off!

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Gold - Cute but not durable

Its a good for a night's out, but rest assured it won't last long after a night of rest. After applying a layer of top coat, the gold starts tarnishing so it's better if a top coat is applied and then the beads layered on. Do get ready beforehand a funnel of sorts and a tray to collect the spare beads cause they don't provide you with any. Using paper as a funnel is sufficient.

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Black - Funky Fun!

Artstix Nail beads were probably my first few purchases for nail beads, before that i was just doing regular 2D nail designs /colors and all. First impressions - Not too bad, actually! Reasonably priced, and relatively easy to use. Beads were light, and adhered to my nails without much problem (i had tried one before from a brand i can't already remember) and they were a nightmare to use! Anyhow, I got compliments for my nails when i used it, so i guess that speaks enough for itself! Only downside? The product doesn't come with a little palette/tray to hold the beads in while you're doing your nails, for easier application. So you'll probably have to find something to pour it into while at your nail job.

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