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Clear Medium Traincase

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    We all know beauty products have to be stored properly so they don’t get damaged or dirty. This train case contains adjustable compartments to store products of various sizes. Make use of the stacking trays to place your daily makeup and tools. The case comes in a sleek and professional style that’s designed for travelling.

    Dimensions : 14.3cm (L) X 24cm (H) X 15cm (W)


    • 11 adjustable compartments
    • Two-tier stacking tray on each side
    • Security lock to keep products organised

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    • Store your products neatly in each compartment to your desire.

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ratings & reviews
3 reviews

i love it !

The case opens up in the middle and has two pull out storage trays which can open up to display everything to you when you're doing your make up. I like the way i can see all the cosmetic products in one glance. I was actually pleasantly surprised at just how much I can store in this. I just wish it comes in bigger size with separator or compartments. I guess for someone who doesn't have a HUGE collection of makeup, but likes to keep it all in one place, this is perfect..

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Cute little thing for the dresser

This isn't meant for travel and is really more decorative. It can only house a few essential pieces and definitely not an entire make-up collection. It's pretty delicate and prone to scratches if you're not careful. So if you just want something cute on the dresser to house makeup essentials (and you have the time to carefully put make-up back in its place every time), then this is okay. Otherwise get something else.

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Gorgeous but have questions on its durability

Based on looks alone, this rates 5 stars. I have always wanted an acrylic makeup organizer and this looked perfect for me. A little small but I could make it work. I also like how functional the 3 compartments are. Just open it and slide and all contents can be seen and located immediately. The sliding compartments are my main problem. There are times when I slide it and the compartments get misaligned and stuck, especially on days when I am in a hurry. The only solution is to remove all contents, refold the compartments, slide it open again, and put everything back again. This makes me question if this won't give up on me in the long run and get stuck permanently or worse, the compartments would break off completely. You also can't pack it in full of makeup because the compartments do not slide completely when the contents are too heavy. Otherwise, it is a really beautiful, professional looking traincase which is easy to maintain. You only need a damp cloth to clean it.

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