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Long Lasting Brow Pencil

6 reviews

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    Ensure that your subtle or sophisticated makeup always looks natural. This brow pencil provides smooth and easy application. A buildable texture, it allows you to create soft to trendy graphic eyebrows by controlling the pressure exerted on it. What you’ll end up with is a well-defined appearance.


    • Equipped with built-in grooming brush
    • Gentle formula that glides smoothly on the skin
    • Allows user to apply with light to harsh pressure
    • Complements blonde to light brown hair colours

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    • Using short strokes, lightly fill in any sparse areas.
    • Comb your brows with an angled brush to define the shape.
    • Use the built-in brush to blend.
    • Layer on to increase the intensity as desired.

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ratings & reviews
6 reviews

Light - Pencil that lasts

I find this pencil really easy to use. I hardly ever have to sharpen it. Compared to other pencils it is quite hard which I good as they usually end up breaking on me. The brush on the cap isn't too good as its just a flat tip but still better than nothing. It lasts all day so I don't have to worry about fading:

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Dark - Deep - nothing special

It's a good size, but I found it difficult to sharpen. The brush is very rough and stiff and scratches my face pretty badly. It does well to define my eyebrows, but I find myself reapplying it through out the day as it fades out.

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Dark - It does what it needs to!

Brow pencils are always a hit or miss, but this is definitely a HIT! The colour matches my brows, and the pencil guides easily for fleek! The brush is a bit "how ya goin" so I wouldn't really reccomend using that part, but other than that it's good.

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Dark - good

Clarifying Toner gently guides and balances the skin’s natural processes for a radiant, rosy complexion. As part of a daily skin care routine, this oil-free formulation is the ideal toning product for blemished, large-pored and oily skin.

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Medium - Good brow pencil!

I bought this for my friend during the 20% off black friday sale. I already have 1 that she knows that she would like it. I would say it is a good product for beginner as it is difficult to go overboard with it as the pencil is quite hard. You can keep on filling in your brows and it will not look harsh. I would say the color medium wouldn't be suitable for darker skin tone as it would look ashy.

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Dark - Average

The eyebrow pencil itself is good enough as the brush does not work very well with my eyebrows. But it is pretty good as the pencil is pigmented and easy to apply on and it is buildable. So i think that the brush is really not needed and it would be better to just buy the eyebrow pencil itself instead. 

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