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Brown Cartridge


Black Cartridge

Brown Cartridge Applicator Black Cartridge

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    A high-technique tool, this Asian calligraphy-inspired eyeliner and brush draws seamlessly and gives eyes the right kind of drama and definition.

    Made for every woman, you can achieve stunningly framed eyes like a pro.


    • Has intense colour pay-off, and is water- and sweat-proof
    • The improved formula dries quickly on skin and delivers an 18-hour lasting wear

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    • Trace the lash line from the inner corner of the eye outward
    • Flick the end of the line for a winged eye

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ratings & reviews
5 Reviews

Black Cartridge - Really Love It

The best liquid eyeliner. Its quick, easy and lasts. If you have ever used a 'brush stroke' pen, it is extremely similar to this. It's really pigmented and has a lot of product in it. But that being said, you have to let it dry for a second before you open your lid the first lil bit that you have it. It literally takes a second. But then the lasting wearing is GREAT. It's not going to move/run down your face after a long intense sweat or work out, even at the end of the day. This does the job! It is precise and really easy to use and has great results if you know how to use a liquid eyeliner! And I love that you can refill your eyeliner with this cartridge which really cuts down on waste. Love it!

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Applicator - Awesome

Just LOVE this eye liner! Long lasting, easy to apply...from thin lines to thick dramatic lines! Just love it! I've used other brands but I find that shu uemura's calligraphy pen is the easiest to apply from thin lines for the office day time look to very dramatic designs for the evenings! It doesn't fade or smudge and it doesn't peel away like other brands that I've used. Excellent product!

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Applicator - Takes some practice to handle

This brush has a longer and softer tip and hence it bends easily when pressed on lids. Not for beginner. The formula smudges after some time even though I have dry skin. Not impressed at all. I have used better shu uemura products and this is not one of them

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Applicator - Ms

It has a soft brush tip, which is great for drawing lines of varying thickness. The ink flows readily from all parts of the brush. The only con is, for me personally, it smudges slightly at the corner of my eyes. Perhaps with an eye primer, it would not smudge.

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Brown Cartridge - Good tone of black

One of my favourite eyeliner as the brush is firm but easy to use. The intensity of colour is good as a single application gives you a "daily-use" black without being too stark. The colour stays put on my oily lids and rarely do I need to touch up at the end of the day. 

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