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    Soothe tired feet and begin your foot treatment with a relaxing foot soak. These foot salts combine the essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Rosemary & Tea Tree with a natural sea salt matrix which has natural anti fungal properties to help soften and relax foot tissues in preparation for the moisturising foot balm.


    • Softens and relaxes foot tissues
    • Helps to combat odour
    • Soothing and relaxing
    • Free from parabens, fragrance, sodium laurel sulphates and mineral oils
    • All products contain botanical and natural plant extracts that have been designed to enhance wellbeing.
    • No animal testing

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4 reviews

Peppermint soak

I use this whenever I have time to relax and sooth my feet after a long day. You can soften the dead skin and scrub your feet after a 10-15min soak. There are essential oil and natural salt to help you get rid of fungal properties as our feet is warm and sweaty in shoes. With this, I believe my feet will be more relax and healthier with the natural ingredient.

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This product was rather refreshing with the peppermint component after a long day of walking. I like to use it before putting on a foot balm for that tingly and fresh sensation. However It did not have any softening or brightening effect on the skin other than the fresh factor.

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The peppermint smell from the essential oil is very relaxing and refreshing. Good for a self pampering session after a long day. Only downside is that there's no clear instruction on how much salt exactly you should use.

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Relaxing and nice scent.

Product smells quite nice. Relaxing to use as a warm foot soak after a long day. Will recommend this over any body shop's foot products. I also always make it a point to have a foot soak after removing my nail polish, this helps to soften and revitalize my cuticles. 

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