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Best Primer






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Skin in its prime: Prep your skin for long-lasting makeup results

Best Mattifying Primer: Soak it up

Do you suffer from oily skin? You’re likely in need of a mattifying primer. The purpose of primer is to create a buffer layer between your skin and your foundation. In the case of oily skin, this is all the more important. Excess oil that secretes your skin has a habit of seeping right through your makeup and making itself known. If you use oil-based foundation, you could even be exacerbating the problem. A good mattifying primer offers expert oil control, helping to fight shine and ensuring your foundation sits smoothly on your skin. You’ll achieve a matte finish in no time - none of that sliding away by lunchtime. Now how to slide out of the office just as subtly...

Best Pore Minimising Primer: Shrink ‘em down

Want to minimise your imperfections? Don’t we all! Thanks to Sephora’s range of blurring primers for pores, it’s easier than ever. Rather than applying endless layers of makeup like many people with enlarged pores or problem skin tend to, opt instead for a pore minimising primer. Such solutions offer an extra layer of coverage, dulling the appearance of pesky pores and skin imperfections. Apply a layer before your foundation for twice the protection and a fraction of the worries! For the perfect base and a flawless finish, we’ve got you covered… Literally!

Best Hydrating Primer: Moisture - more is more

There’s a perfect primer out there for everyone… Even those with the driest of skin. The best primer for dry skin is a hydrating one, equipped to moisturise your complexion as it preps for makeup coverage. Why settle for one function when you need both? Craft the perfectly hydrated base and your makeup will smooth on effortlessly. You can go about your day free from drying and flaking. Gorgeous!

Best Colour Correcting Primer: Correct colours

Suffer from redness or dullness? It’s best to start at the very beginning. Rather than disguise your complexion with a shade of foundation, focus on balancing your skin tone with a base coat - in other words, a colour correcting primer. The best way to bid goodbye to unwanted colours is to balance them out. Choose a shade at the opposite end of the colour spectrum for a dewy neutral finish. For example, you can dull skin redness with a green-toned primer.

Best Eye Primer: Put a lid on it

Face primer isn’t the only savvy base coat on the market. Just as its possible to suffer from oily lids, it’s possible for your eye makeup to serve you better. Invest in an eyeshadow primer and you can expect longer-lasting colour and vibrancy that lasts all day. Simply apply a subtle layer and blend it across your lids before applying your favourite eyeshadow as normal.

Best Lip Primer: Longer lasting lippie

The best primer for long-lasting lip colour is without doubt a handy lip primer. Acting as a buffer between your skin and lipgloss or lipstick, an invisible layer of this moisturising base coat can make all the difference. Do you want your lippie smudged on your wine glass by 8pm or do you want it perfectly in place for midnight under the mistletoe? If it’s the latter, make sure you have your lip primer close at hand!

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