Instant beauty solutions, irreverent names, and creative packaging – a few of our favourite things from Benefit Cosmetics. Founded by twin sisters Jean and Jane Ford in the 1970s, this iconic makeup brand knows makeup doesn't have to be serious to look good.

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Benefit Cosmetics | Sephora Singapore

Believe in a brand that brings a smile to your face and laughter in your eyes. Believe in Benefit Cosmetics! Upholding the prized philosophy that “Laughter is the best cosmetic”, the primary ingredient in its range of cosmetics is a spoonful of fun! Benefit Cosmetics transforms one’s everyday experience of the “same old” makeup routine by coming up with playful and engaging ways of approaching makeup. Take a walk through Benefit Cosmetics' range of products and find yourself instantly captivated by its eye-catching palettes, slick highlighters and badass mascaras. Certainly, the high standards of their product packaging also reflects the high quality of its contents and the product itself.

Benefit Cosmetics' famous range of cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics has a huge array of makeup products in their arsenal—from eye, cheek and lip makeup to removers. It excels in the eye makeup department, offering a range of choices on different types of mascaras. Its ‘BADgal’ mascara has won awards for being the best volumizing mascara, whilst ‘they're real!’ is highly acclaimed for its lash lengthening formula. On top of makeup, benefit’s range of cosmetics also includes quality skincare and eyecare. For starters, do check out their popular ‘it’s potent! eye cream’. From eye makeup to eye creams, there is certainly much left to be explored.

Shop at Sephora online for Benefit Cosmetics

If you believe life should always include an element of fun, then benefit cosmetics is meant for you! Buy Benefit Cosmetics' makeup products online at Sephora Singapore and you too will benefit from the fast delivery times and guaranteed genuine quality products.

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