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Face Scrub and Exfoliator Singapore

With great skin comes consistent effort. Exfoliation is essential for a smooth and bright complexion. It helps to clean your pores and allow other skincare products to absorb deeper. The best exfoliators shed dead skin cells without stripping your skin’s natural moisture.  

Sephora carries your favourite brands such as Alpha-H and Luzern. Products like Force De Vie Micro Gel smoothen wrinkled skin and clear blackheads. If refreshing scents and therapeutic treatments are your cup of tea, you will love Spring Rose Blonde Body Scrub. Meanwhile, products such as Somme Institute Transport Pads and Skin Inc Pure Revival Peel take on a different approach without compromising on maximum benefits that excellent facial and body exfoliators should offer.

If you desire daily exfoliation, Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula polishes your skin gently for consistent radiance.

Sephora provides the best skincare shopping experience and delivers to your doorstep the fastest way possible. All brands and products found here are authentic and no doubt the best in the market. 

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