Changing destinies of women and men across the globe, this groundbreaking range of holistic skincare regimen boasts of Pitera™, a miraculous essence containing over 50 micronutrients that attain crystal clear skin.

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SK-II Singapore

The active lifestyle that goes with living in a cosmopolitan environment can sometimes be stressful for the skin. It greatly helps when one has a reliable and effective supply of skincare products that deliver customised results. SK-II offers you just that with its full array of creams, serums and essences which resolve specific skin problems. These products are developed through innovative research, enriching the skin with powerful nutrients that reveal healthier and radiant skin. With its exclusive Pitera Complex and a combination of age-defying ingredients, SK-II’s skincare line is a complete and nourishing alternative to help you achieve clear skin that is strong on the inside.

When it comes to basic skincare, cleansing and hydration are very important. SK-II provides you with a complete solution for these requirements while also feeding skin with essential vitamins and nutrients. Products such as the Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser and MEN Moisturizing Cleanser contain an invigorating blend of ingredients that gently cleanses the skin’s surface and pores while keeping a healthy moisture balance. These products should also be followed by skin-protecting agents to prevent potential damage from the environment. The Whitening Source Derm-Definition UV Lotion and MEN UV Protect Moisturiser SPF 30 serve this purpose by creating a protective barrier on the skin to block harmful radiation. These products are gentle yet powerful for the skin and are readily absorbed for quick and ready action.

For more advanced skincare, SK-II has specific products that fix the signs of aged and damaged skin. These products are packed with potent ingredients that act with precision, targeting the root cause of the problem and reviving the skin’s youthfulness. Products under this category include the SK-II Stempower Essence, Cellumination Aura Essence and Facial Treatment Repair C which are designed to promote skin vitality and a more refined complexion. These kinds of products also come in convenient sets like the SK-II Revival Deluxe Set, SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Kit and SK-II Best Essential Set which combine the power of individual products to achieve superior results.

The best part about SK-II in Singapore is getting all of its amazing products online right here in Sephora. Explore the site for more SK-II products and fill your skincare collection with the best brands there is. Eliminate the hassle of going to the mall and allow Sephora to deliver your desired items right in your front door.

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